Process of an Alexander Technique Lesson

Training of self-perception

After a short conversation about the client´s concerns and troubles, instruction takes place mostly located on a massage table or in experimentation with everyday activities. These experiments are tailored to fit the client: musicians with their instrument, PC-users with their computer, and consultants in conversation with their clients.

For the most part we do not recognize malposition or evidence of inner tension. We just do it sub-consciously. Many of us are accustomed to habits such as raised shoulders, standing with hips pushed forward or stiff knees. Through instruction this will be made aware to clients.

One’s self-perception will be strengthened in verbal form as well as by gentle contact.

As a result of these instructions new body movements and mental experiences will be possible. The teacher takes a non-judgmental attitude towards the client. The client completes the training on his individual training that specifically fits for him. Thus the skills will be integrated into daily life.

Through progression and ongoing instruction limiting physical habits will gradually diminish and instruction can eventually be stopped. This develops a new way of body awareness and mindfulness. Everyday activities receive more range, grace and ease.

There is no fixed amount of lessons for these exercises to reach their success.

„Learning means to remember from moment to moment“ (Tommy Thompson).