Melissa Matson

Melissa Matson lives in the USA and has been a dancer for the past 35 years, as well as a teacher and trainer for the Alexander Technique for the past 25 years. She lives her life with enthusiasm and conviction in the embodiment of one’s true being.

In 1984, she first came into contact with the Alexander Technique and this changed her life. She began a three-year Alexander Technique training program at the American Center for Alexander Technique, and in addition, she studied body-oriented psychotherapy.  She developed her own training program for the Alexander Technique, with which she regularly teaches to Alexander Technique teachers in Austria and the USA since 1997. She guides us through an exciting process in order to confront ourselves, to investigate old reaction patterns, and to expand our pattern of thought and processes for action.

She also works as a professor for “Applied Movement” at the University for Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Guest Instructors

In the training led by Melissa Matson in Upper Austria, internationally renowned guest teachers were also giving lessons:

Glenna Batson - USA
Richard Brennan - Irland
Elizabeth Buonomo - USA
Judith Grodowitz - USA
Zoltan Hegedus - Hungary
Rosa Luisa Rossi - Switzerland