Alexander Technique in Physiotherapy

Training of the body perception

As additional skill for physiotherapists, the Alexander Technique has much to offer in terms of training body awareness. In contrast to traditional physiotherapy, the method also deals with mental causes of physical and psychological problems. As part of the educational concept of the Alexander Technique the patients will involve their thoughts, perception and ability to make decisions. With this responsibility, patients get to know themselves better. They can make a decision that helps to make a change or possibly release old and negative habits. As a result, the patient can remain free of symptoms through sustainable and effective monitoring of habits.

In the Wagner Jauregg Psychiatric Clinic in Linz, the Alexander Technique has been successfully used in the field of body therapy at the Department of Youth Psychiatry for many years. The technique proves its worth working with adolescents, where the troubles of body image are often a fundamental part of the problem.