Questions and Answers

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a body-oriented awareness instruction, through which one can learn a great deal about himself. The technique is a prevention and principle method for one´s own well-being in every aspect: health, grace, freedom in thinking and being. The integral interventions convey better understanding of the relationship between posture, thinking habits and emotional reaction patterns.

Whom is the Alexander Technique for?

The Alexander Technique is suited for people of every age, who would like to feel their agility in smooth motions, graceful movements, a relaxed voice, bright eyes. It is suited for betterment of the movement system, all kinds of restraints and various discomforts with no apparent physical cause.

The special benefits for particular areas of application (ex. sports, artists of every category) and everyday courses of movement are listed in the table of contents.

How can one learn the Alexander Technique?

You can study the Alexander Technique in private, individual lessons with a qualified teacher. These settings offer the best opportunity to respond to one’s individual needs. Several teachers have specialized in certain themes or work in settings such as educational institutes, health centers and other institutes. For further information, check out “Teachers.” To learn about suitable workshops and small groups – look at “Events”.

What happens during an Alexander Technique lesson?

Teachers of the Alexander Technique guide you with manual and verbal stimuli to rediscover balance and lightness in your body. In the beginning body perception will be learned mostly by laying on a massage table or by practicing simple guided movements. Therefore it is useful to wear comfortable clothing.

Through experience and observation, you will learn how coordination functions – how you produce tension and release it again, or how you can prevent it. As a result of this awareness training, you will improve with time, you will change long-existing habits and will advantageously reform your posture and patterns of movement.

How many lessons are necessary?

The number of lessons to take depends on your specific needs and goals. A sequence of about 10-30 lessons can create a good foundation for further self-discovery for most people. The cost of each lesson ranges about 50 to 80 euros.

Please bear in mind that Alexander teachers are not medical professionals and do not issue medical diagnoses.

What will be expected of you?

Engaging with curiosity and patience in the learning process will produce changes to long-term habits. It is necessary to be willing to find a new way to understand your body’s form and patterns.