Standards of (Further) Education

The standards of education for becoming an internationally certified Alexander Technique teacher are very high. The training includes a length of time of 1600 hours and requires a international certification process.

Observation and advancement of the standards for the profession of an Alexander Technique teacher is a central duty of the international organisation.

The affiliated societies dictate to their recognized schools a minimum amount of years and hours of training (min. of 3 years training with an average of 36 training weeks p.a., with 3 hours each day for 5 days a week, amounting to about 1600 hours of training).

ATI allows schools to educate Alexander teachers with individual training concepts. The 1600 hours of training can, for example, also be completed part-time in less than 4 years.

In order to secure the quality of training, the certification for Alexander teachers from the ATI takes place through the so-called "Sponsorship-Process." The applicants will be judged from three, eligible "Sponsoring Teachers," from the organization's highly experienced teachers. (For further information, see ATI Teaching Membership). The Code of Professional Conduct, which all teachers must keep, is stipulated by the ATI (see Ethical Principles).

ll members of the AT.AT association have completed the training, which developed since 1997 under the then Alexander Movement Institute/Linz Upper Austria in cooperation with Dr. Martina Süß and Melissa Matson (USA) according to international standards and has been organized with international guest instructors (in cooperation with ATI). Movement practitioners and Alexander Technique teachers have been trained in a two-stage model with international certification (ATI).

Training for an Alexander Movement Practitioner (2 years)

This two-year core training exclusively qualifies one to establish and implement the principles of the Alexander Technique in private and professional contexts. Movement practitioners are not authorized to provide individual Alexander Technique lessons.

Training for an internationally, certified Alexander Technique Teacher (4 years/1600 hours)

All Alexander Technique teachers of the AT.AT association have been certified in cooperation with ATI under the sponsorship process according to international standards.

The certification follows the successful completion of a 4-year program which includes mandatory participation in all training components during the total period of 1600 hours. Topics of the training are the theoretical and practical examination of the principles of the Alexander Technique. It must be that the working principles are internalized so that the Alexander Technique teachers can communicate them with others. Special attention is given to the continued refinement of “hands on” abilities in the second half of the training.

Further training programs for Alexander Technique Teachers of the AT.AT association

The principle of “continuous learning” is an intrinsic value for the Alexander Technique, the organization of further training activities with the help of international guest instructors (from both organizations: ATI and STAT), is a central aim to increase the continuing professional development of members.

The focus of continuing education, which takes place several times a year depends on the one hand on continued absorption of Alexander Technique skills (through stimuli/workshops with international specialists from the Alexander Technique community), but also incorporates other disciplines of bodywork to broaden the spectrum of personal experience of members of the association.

By signing the ATI Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct, the Alexander Technique teachers of the AT.AT association commit themselves to continuous personal development.